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Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Audit Testing

Materials approvals issued by WRAS are valid for a maximum of five years. In order for a material to be re-approved, further testing known as audit testing is necessary.

Approval holders are notified of the need to apply for re-approval when one year of the current approval remains.  If the approval holder decides to renew, WRAS will issue audit test requirements after considering factors such as whether there have been any changes to the material eg. formulation, method of manufacture and alternative suppliers. 

In most cases a full BS 6920 test is not required and the approval can be renewed on the basis of satisfactory limited testing eg. Odour & Flavour of Water and Growth of Aquatic Microorganisms Testing. 

Please note that audit testing can only be carried out by the test laboratory after receipt of the audit test letter from WRAS stating the test requirements.

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