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BS 6920 Test Sample Information

The number of samples we require is dependant on the surface area of one test piece, and the number of tests required. 

A test sample for BS 6920 will have a surface area of 15,000 mm2  

Full BS 6920 Testing for cold water use requires a minimum of 8 samples.

Full BS 6920 Testing for hot and cold water use requires a minimum of 12 samples.

 For samples in sheet form, the standard test piece measures 120mm x 60mm (2-4mm thickness).

For moulded or irregular shaped samples we can calculate the surface area and let you know how many test samples to send us.

Test samples must be less than 12 months old on the date of receipt by the test laboratory.

Each product/material should be clearly identified by labelling on the packaging and not on the sample. BS 6920 testing commences on Tuesday every week, and the normal lead in time is a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks.

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