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DWI Regulation 31 Testing

DWI Regulation 31 testing applies to chemicals and construction products used by water undertakers, from the source of the water up to the point of delivery to the consumer’s building. It sets out how approvals can be given to such construction products and materials that do not prejudice water quality and consumer safety.

Typically approval under Regulation 31 will involve the following testing.  

1. BS6920 - Tests of Effect on Water Quality.

2. Specific Analytes
based upon  product formulation and method of manufacture

The tests needed to show compliance with Regulation 31 are determined, on a product-to-product basis, by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

The DWI will consider the full formulation of a product, together with its method of manufacture or application, and then specifiy what testing, if any, will be needed to meet the requirements of Regulation 31.

Conformance with BS 6920 is essential for products requiring approval under Regulation 31 and The Water Quality Centre offer a fast and efficient service to meet your BS 6920 test requirements.

Products which satisfy the requirements of Regulation 31 are published on the DWI website.

For further information on testing to Regulation 31 please contact DWI.


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