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In addition to a full test service for materials and products used with drinking water (including the BS 6920/Water Regulations Advisory Scheme Tests of Effect on Water Quality) we are able to offer help and consultancy in understanding test requirements and results.
If a failure occurs in any of the BS 6920 tests, we can often help the customer understand the reason for the failure and advise on the next steps to take to try and improve results and ultimately achieve approval of the material.

To help us understand test material/product failures the following information is required.

  • formulation, including all ingredients (chemical, not trade names)
  • concentrations of all ingredients  
  • method of manufacture
  • any mould release agents or extrusion die lubricants used
  • for rubber products we require the cure time and temperature and details of any post-cure used
If you provide us with commercially sensitive information we are prepared to enter into a confidentiality agreement with you or your supplier. Alternatively you may find that our statement of confidentiality meets your requirements.

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