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Water Quality Centre - BS 6920 Testing Service

Materials used in contact with drinking water, whether within buildings or in the water supply system require testing and approval to show that they will not adversely affect water quality.

BS 6920 specifies the requirements for the suitability of non metallic materials for use in contact with cold or hot water, with regard to their effect on water quality. Such products include water fittings, rubber and plastic components, materials used in coating and protection, and materials for jointing, lubrication and sealing. 

The Water Quality Centre offers a comprehensive service for testing materials to BS 6920 to meet WRAS and DWI Regulation 31 requirements.

BS 6920: A materials testing service for manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic materials used in contact with drinking water within buildings. Essential for UK manufacturers as well as international companies wishing to sell in the UK.

Our team of experienced analysts and consultants can give invaluable advice to manufacturers who need to understand the BS 6920 testing process and the performance of their materials in the tests.  

In addition we also offer testing of Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) materials to BSEN 12902 for 'water extractable toxic substances' to meet the requirements of BS EN 12903 and 12915 respectively.

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