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Site Applied Products
These include coatings and paints for application by the end-user. Test samples of Site Applied Products are either :

1. Prepared by Wqc in our test laboratory.
2. Prepared by the client in our laboratory under Wqc supervision.
3. Prepared by the client at a site other than our laboratory under the supervision of Wqc.

Site applied applications must include:
1. Full user instructions
Curing time and temperature
Mix ratios if applicable
Material safety data sheets
5. A maximum of 5 Kg of material
[spray application of a coating] [coated glass panels in curing cabinet]
Full details of sample preparation and curing will be given in the final report, and this information will be used as the basis of your listing by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) in the Water Fittings And Materials Directory. 

Normally samples are prepared according to BS 6920 : Section 2.1, Clause 5.2.7, using  one of the two standard curing times and  temperatures.

Materials for use in water suppliers' installations
Cure at 7C for a maximum of 21 days

2.  Materials for use in dwellings and other buildings 
Cure at 12C for a maximum of 7 days

Non-standard curing conditions  At your request we can use these, but any Directory listing of your product will include the requirement for special curing conditions.  

Sample size
. For dry products please send us  a maximum pack size of 5 Kilogram's, and for liquid products a maximum pack size of 1 Litre. If you supply the product in a non-standard container you must take responsibility for any possible interaction between the product and the container.   

Site Vists. Where appropriate Wqc can visit your site or any site where the product is being prepared.  This can be done as long as the cure conditions for the product can be maintained during transport of the test samples to the laboratory.

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