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Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) Audit Testing
If a material or product gives satisfactory results in the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) tests of effect on water quality (BS 6920) it can be listed (approved) in the Water Fittings and Materials Directory for FIVE years. After five years, listings are reviewed; WRAS will contact you and ask you to re-apply if you wish to retain the listing.
As part of this re-listing process WRAS may ask for some of the original tests on your material to be repeated (Audit Tests). Following satisfactory results in the Audit Tests, your material will be retained in the Directory.

Until WRAS has asked you to provide update information on your product as part of their review of the listing of it, no one can tell you what these tests will be. In each case the information submitted to WRAS will include:

  • nature of the product and its proposed use
  • any changes in ingredients, methods of manufacture etc.
  • copies of previous test reports relating to the product
  • any other issues relating to the product

WRAS then decides what repeat testing, if any, is needed to keep the listing of the material in the Directory for a further five years. For many materials/products testing will be limited to Odour and Flavour, Growth of Aquatic Microorganisms (MDOD test) and Leaching of Metals. 

At the end of this review process, WRAS will write to you with a list of the Audit Tests, if any, which have to be carried out on your material/product in order for it to remain listed in the next Water Fittings and Materials Directory. You should send Wqc a copy of this letter and then we will be able to tell you about the test sample requirements and the costs of the tests specified.

The actual duration of the testing will depend upon the tests specified and will commence only when we have received a copy of the testing requirements specified by WRAS in the Audit Test letter.

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